Some history

Founded in 1977 in Milan through the experience of two customs brokers, Maimex S.r.l. has developed into an outstanding international forwarding business in the Italian scene.

It was back in the early 1970s when Giuseppe Manera decided to set up his own business as a “customer broker”, after an in-house experience with a small Milano-based customs operator.
At that time bills of entry were declared by hand and forms were filed on paper at customs sections, IT systems were yet to be conceived and customs clearance procedures were far from being as efficient as they are today.
Meanwhile, his brother Roberto worked as a customs officer at the Milano customs office.
It was Roberto who, in the early 70s, developed the Multi Fibre Arrangement for the customs declaration of textiles and he soon became a point of reference for the classification of garments in the Milan customs office. At that point Giuseppe asked Roberto to become his business partner and it was an immediate success.
From then on Maimex has evolved to become an outstanding business in the italian international shipment sector.
While maintaining its specialisation in the world of fashion and textiles, it also succesfully operates in the technological, industrial and consumer areas as well as others, moving goods to and from anywhere in the world.
We operate in all sectors of transport, customs services and integrated logistics. This enables us to provide our clients with tailor made solutions based on any need, by combining tradition and expertise with the most modern solutions available on the market.
Thanks to the opening of its own offices and warehouses in Hong Kong, China and Japan, Maimex has consolidates its presence in the Far East over the years and it is now one of Italy’s most established businesses in the Asian territory. Out network has recently reached countries such as Brazil, the United States, and Southeast Asia through succesful partnerships with local businesses.